Crystal intentions Botanical bath salts

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Crystal intentions Botanical bath salts
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Soak your way to success with our Crystal intentions bath salts. These positive vibes bath salts are crystal infused to help you reach your intentions.

Each jar is topped with botanicals and a crystal or set of crystals to help you reach your intended goal, be this is success, love or simply a peacefull nights sleep, we have the perfect salts for you.

Crystal meaning cards with positive affirmation and an organza bag are included so even after your bath salts are gone you still have the positive vibes of your crystals.

A mix of Epsom salts and pink himalayan salts help sooth and relax by infusing your bath water with restorative minerals. 

Rose quartz is the stone of unconditional love, it is aid rose quartz can help boost self esteem and confidence, and balance emotions. This stone is reputed to help attract love and keep it. This comes with a rose quartz crystal and is scented in a blend of rose geranium

Sleep Dreamcatcher set comes with Lepodiolite, amethyst and smoky Quartz. Lepidolite is high in lithium and promotes tranqulity, peace and balance, Smoky quartz is grounding and helps free you from negative emotions, amethyst is said to help one keep a calm,clear mind to better receive communication and guidance. Amethyst is also said to dispel nightmares. Scented with lavender and chamomile

Love and Harmony This set contains Rhodonite for self-confidence, forgiveness and purpose, Rose quartz for Love, harmony and compassion and African Jade for strength in adversity, patience and harmonizing your past and present. scent is a blend of rose geranium, ylang ylang and neroli

Calm and Relaxed: Our Finding Zen crystal set comes with Fluorite - for Peace, Blue Tiger Eye - for easing Anxiety, Angelite -for serenity. Scents is a blend of Bergamot, geranium and lavender

Revive comes with one large citrine crystal. Citrine is said to boost confidence, happiness, creativity and mental focus. Scent is a blend of lime, lemon and orange

Motivate our I believe so i can, motivate bath salts come with golden tiger eye for courage, citrine for creativity, clear quartz for clarity. this is a blend of lemon, tangerine and sandalwood

Weight jar 200g

Bag 400g to 500g

Please note every crystal piece is different, there will be some difference in weight, colour and pattern.



Ingredients: Epsom salts, pink Himalayan salts, bicarbonate soda, *Polyglyceryl-4 Oleate, essential oils, botanicals, crystals

*natural palm free emulsifier to help mix the essential oils with your bath water so they dont float on top of the water. Essential oils must always be diluted before applying to your skin and as we all know, oil and water dont mix we need to add an emulsifier to mix the essential oil into the water

As these products contain pure essential oils, please consult your doctor before use if pregnant, breastfeeding or have exisiting medical conditions.